Attic Zipper is a scientifically engineered attic door insulator that completely air seals and insulates your attic folding stair doors, hatches and scuttle holes. Designed to create an air barrier between your living space and attic, the attic zipper is a necessary addition to any drafty home.

aboutAttic Zipper is easy to install and solves the largest energy leak in most single family homes. Our product is available for retail to homeowners and also available for distribution for home performance professionals.    Homeowners spend $200-$400 on 1 energy performance vinyl replacement window to hopefully get a 30-40 CFM reduction in air leakage.   For less than $200 you can reduce your homes energy leakage up to 300 cfm’s with an attic zipper.    This is the best return on investment product on the market for increasing a homes energy efficiency.    It’s foolish to wait.

Working With Us

We work closely with building science experts to serve the home performance community with a product that they can offer to homeowners as an easy add-­on product to any standard service at a low cost. If you are an energy auditor, HVAC professional or insulation installer, contact us for resale and distribution opportunities.

About Attic Zipper

Attic Zipper is  a small, innovative company that is focused on creating smart products which are engineered to reduce energy consumption in residential homes. The Attic Zipper is the company’s first product.   We have also introduced the whole house attic fan zipper and the crawl space zipper.   These are custom orders, feel free to call us with your size specifications.

For more information on the benefits of insulating your attic stair door or to purchase an Attic Zipper, please contact 804-518-5094 . Or contact our team today to get more information on Attic Zipper product and distribution opportunities. ­­­