You can reduce your energy bills without losing your attic.

buynowpageAccording to the department of Energy, (and every energy auditor in the country) 35% of your homes energy is lost through the attic.    It is a significant problem.   New ICC regulations require that new residential builders insulate attic hatches and pull down ladders to the same r factor as the attic insulation surrounding it.   Attic Zipper is compliant with this ICC 402.2.4 regulation.   This is the cheapest and highest return on money energy repair in your home.    Attic Zipper provides the highest quality insulation with easy zipper access to your attic. Whether you use your attic as valuable storage space or to house your home’s mechanical equipment, you can’t afford to lose access to this part of your house. But the high cost of heating the space is driving up your monthly energy bills.

Purchase the Attic Zipper today to reduce your energy bills and improve the comfort of your home with easy­-to-­install product.

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